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PDF Management

The PDF Management section includes topics covering creating, managing, and troubleshooting PDF templates in Sugar.


    This article will cover how to insert images from Sugar image field types into PDF Manager templates.
    In SugarĀ®, the PDF Manager uses an interface similar to email templates to allow you to add and adjust logo images on generated PDFs. This article covers how to update or replace existing logo image files via Admin > PDF Manager.
    This article explains how to customize the format of a field on a quote's PDF template using Smarty modifiers.
    This article presents example syntax that can be added to PDF templates in order to enhance the way that Sugar-generated PDFs display your data.
    Sugar's PDF Manager empowers SugarĀ® administrators with the ability to customize PDF templates used when generating PDFs from Sugar records such as quotes. This article will discuss sizing images in PDF templates in order to achieve the intended image size on the printed PDF.

Last modified: 08/31/2016 03:47pm