SugarCRM SupportResourcesSugarCRM Subprocessors for On-Demand and Support Services

SugarCRM Subprocessors for On-Demand and Support Services

Name of Subprocessor Country Services/Processing Provided by the Subprocessor
Amazon Web Services Inc. USA Hosting
Google Inc. USA Analytics
SugarCRM Canada Inc. Canada Operational Staffing
SugarCRM Deutschland GmbH Germany Operational Staffing
Technical Support
Developer Support
On-Demand Service Support
SugarCRM Australia Pty Ltd. Australia Operational Staffing
Technical Support
On-Demand Service Support
Intetics Bel Ltd. Belarus Operational Staffing
On-Demand Service Support
Development Support
Intetics Inc. USA Sugar Expert Services  
(e.g. development best practices, proof of concepts, code reviews)
Softvision Consulting LLC USA
Sugar QA Services
(e.g. development builds automation)

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