End Users

Getting started with Sugar is a simple, straightforward process. Select the section below that we can assist you in setting up and configuring.

Free Trial

Are you interested in trying Sugar to see what we have to offer? Our free trial gives you a snapshot experience of using Sugar from the perspective of a number of different roles in your business.

Community Edition

Community Edition offers a great opportunity to experience some of the features and functionality we have in our paid versions.


Sugar Professional gives you all the critical features and functionality for businesses to be successful in maturing their customer relationships.


Sugar Corporate gives you all the functionality of Professional with the added bonus of Mobile+ and increased support levels.


Whether you need a portal for your customers to interact with your business or you require advanced reporting capabilities to meet your needs, Sugar Enterprise will drive you to a robust solution that is easy to maintain.


Sugar Ultimate provides you with access to all the best that we have to offer. Ultimate ensures you will have all the latest and greatest functionality and the support resources dedicated to your success.